Software Solutions

mSATHI Application

A next generation digital platform which allows the user to conduct his business with remarkable ease and efficiency from his smartphone.

Retail Application

Selling a product has never been so easy with a simple mechanism to deal with orders, ensure timely delivery and make hassle free payments

dKOSH Application

Part of SATHI framework of applications to help create forms for online examinations, result analysis, quizes and surveys.

eSATHI Application

An enterprise solution to plan and manage all the core processes to include supply chain, manufacturing, services and finances. It also speeds up ground action and boosts overall efficiency.

Quick Purchase Application

A user friendly mobile application that helps to speed up the purchase process, maintaining at the same time, record of all business transactions as a ready reckoner.

quizSATHI Application

An application that allows institutions to create and share tests, surveys and quizzes in a simple and intuitive way. The questionnaires can have advanced options like images, sounds and videos with automatic scoring.

Sales Order Application

A user friendly application to place orders for the customers along with facilities to modify existing orders

Purchase Order Application

A user friendly application to place and manage purchase orders efficiently along with facilities to modify existing orders.

Sales Invoice Application

Leads to smooth preparation and sharing of sales invoices with the end customers to facilitate timely revenue generation.

Payment Application

Provides multiple options to make trouble free digital transactions leading to final closure of sales.

Dispatch Application

Assists in easy creation and handling of challans with respect to dispatched material.

Material Receive Application

A user friendly application that allows maintenance of optimum stock levels.

Purchase Invoice Application

Facilitates smooth preparation of purchase invoices and managing the records to facilitate timely revenue generation.

dCLUB Application

An efficient tool to generate farmer and crop profiles in order to strengthen existing network of customers and add new clients.

grahakSATHI Application

grahakSATHI is an application used by customers for placing and managing their orders in a hassle free manner.