At Dayal Infosystems, engineers are hard at work to amalgamate various technologies to build the next generation ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT and Sales Force Monitoring and Reporting System. The aim is to help Enterprises in the agricultural domain to improve upon their communication channel and reduce the cost due to delays in supply chain. Studies across the world have shown more than 20% improvement in the working efficiency of an enterprise that has successfully implemented an Enterprise Management Solution. Infosystems aims to further this advantage by building a more precise and user friendly solution at minimal cost to the enterprise. Best Gain for the least buck spared !

As per the last census, agriculture uses about 56% of India's workforce. However, the contribution to the GDP varies majorly over the years. Much of this can be attributed to the dependence on natural factors like rain, temperatures and other climatic shifts. But with advancements in access to faster, better and cheaper technology, some of these dependencies can be predicted and others can be artificially addressed. Various private and public sector enterprises in the agriculture and allied domains are reviewing their technology road map to align their strategies to fulfill the growing population's food demand by helping farmers 'grow more' and 'grow better' from lesser and lesser land.

These enhancements and improvements will result in better products, being delivered in a timely manner to the farmer's doorstep at the right price. Thus creating value for him and enabling him further invest in more advanced farming techniques.